Mar 9, 2018

When is a sale a sale or not a sale?

In order for you to have a valid sale of your property, both the seller and the purchaser need to sign a written agreement. When the […]
Mar 9, 2018

Making sense of Exclusive Use Areas

When purchasing an apartment in a Sectional Title Scheme, your Agreement of Sale most likely refers to your parking bay, balcony or garden as an Exclusive […]
Feb 26, 2018

Make sure your marriage contract is right for you

If you are planning on getting married, don’t let romance get in the way of ensuring your marriage contract is everything you want it to be. […]
Feb 26, 2018

Things to think about before you say “I do” abroad

Getting married abroad has its attractions… But before you say ‘I do’ take a moment to consider the legal consequences of getting married outside South Africa. […]
Jan 29, 2018

Gym Contracts and What to Keep an Eye Out For

Our New Year’s resolutions are music to a gym’s ears. In today’s fitness craze, the need for a platform to get involved has increased dramatically and […]
Jan 29, 2018

What Should I Know About Entering Artistic Competitions?

What better way to get exposure for your creative works while also earning a little bit of money, than entering artistic competitions? Even though it sounds […]
Nov 21, 2017

Liquor Licence Applications

With the promulgation of amendments to the Western Cape Liquor Act (“the Act”) on 1 July 2017 and the publication of new regulations on 31 May […]
Nov 21, 2017

Western Cape Liquor Amendment Act 3 of 2015

The Western Cape Liquor Amendment Act 3 0f 2015 which came into operation in full on the 1st of July 2017, deals largely with administrative matters. […]
Oct 20, 2017

Constitutional court ruling on historical debt of property owners

In order to transfer immovable property, the seller is required to obtain a rates clearance certificate from the relevant municipality. Section 118(1) of the Local Government: […]