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Liquor Licensing in the Western Cape Province in 2023

2023 will prove to be a momentous and exciting year for liquor licensing in the province. During this year the licensing process is planned to convert from the manual system which has been in operation since 1918 to a digital online system providing a platform for the performance of the core functions of the Western […]

Some thoughts on the wholesale distribution of liquor in South Africa

In the South African liquor industry, the sale and distribution of liquor are split into two tiers. At retail level businesses are licenced under the Provincial Liquor Acts and may only sell and supply liquor directly to the consumer. These are restaurants, bars, hotels, liquor stores, supermarkets etc. The wholesale distribution of liquor is regulated […]

Can you imagine having your first legal beer at your 21st Birthday Party?

How about drinks after the game at the varsity rugby club being restricted to tea, coffee and soft drinks? As an 18-year-old you may vote for your favourite political party and celebrate their victory at the polls but only with a cup of tea or coffee. At that age, you are mature enough to decide […]

Liquor Licence Applications

With the promulgation of amendments to the Western Cape Liquor Act (“the Act”) on 1 July 2017 and the publication of new regulations on 31 May 2017, the preparation of liquor licence applications has become considerably more demanding. There are a number of additional documents which must be lodged and in many respects the onus […]

Western Cape Liquor Amendment Act 3 of 2015

The Western Cape Liquor Amendment Act 3 0f 2015 which came into operation in full on the 1st of July 2017, deals largely with administrative matters. There are, however, some provisions which will affect the micro-manufacturing and retail industry. In the past, when a conditional authority for a liquor licence was granted the applicant could […]

The consequences of drinking and driving

With the festive holidays fast approaching, it’s necessary to address the consequences of drinking and driving. Unfortunately, the holidays bring devastating road accidents, with families being injured and losing members due to drunk-driving related incidents. What does the law say? According to the Road Traffic Act 93/96, which has been in effect since March 1998, […]

The Draft Liquor Amendment Bill

The Draft Liquor Amendment Bill was published for comment in the Government Gazette of Friday the 30th September 2016. The Bill, read in conjunction with the Final National Liquor policy document published on the same day, has serious implications for the liquor industry and will, once implemented turn the liquor trade on its head. Our […]


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