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Appointment of the Executor of my will

This is a subject which causes more and more discussion and people become more knowledgeable about Executor’s fees and how it is calculated. As mentioned in previous articles, the maximum Executor’s fee is fixed by law. The current maximum permissible Executor’s fee is 3.5% of the gross estate value plus 14% VAT (should the Executor […]

Common law marriage in South Africa

In South African law there is no such thing as a common law marriage. People simply believe that living together with another person for a continuous period of time establishes legal rights and duties between them. This is a common misunderstanding especially with young adults. The only way to be protected in our law is […]

Dealing with marriage and estate planning

It is important to understand the legal implications of the marital property regime, especially when drafting a Last Will and Testament and also when entering into a marriage, as the regime chosen by the estate planner is going to affect his/her assets. The most important forms of marriage are: marriage in community of property, marriage […]