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Sectional Title Schemes: Is there a common solution to common property complaints?

What are your rights to common property under a sectional title scheme? If you are the registered title-holder of a unit in a sectional title scheme, you are the private owner of your section and a joint owner of the common property in the scheme. Sectional owners own the common property collectively in undivided shares […]

Making sense of Exclusive Use Areas

When purchasing an apartment in a Sectional Title Scheme, your Agreement of Sale most likely refers to your parking bay, balcony or garden as an Exclusive Use Area – what is an Exclusive Use Area and how does this differ from the section that you own? The Sectional Titles Scheme Act 65 of 1986 (“the […]

Sectional Title Property

The purchase of a Sectional Title Unit is an immovable property transaction that is, for many Purchasers, the most significant financial transaction they undertake in their lives. The purpose of this article is to highlight common issues that arise in such transactions, particularly mistakes that Purchasers make by not being informed or by not seeking […]