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Executorship – Nomination and appointment

The estate of every deceased person requires an Executor to be appointed to administer the respective estate. Appointment of Executors, as well as their duties, are overseen by the Master of the High Court, with the Executor being issued with Letters of Executorship, or Letters of Authority, by the Master of the High Court upon […]

Deceased estate property transfer: Inheriting vs purchasing

Covid has changed our reality.  We find ourselves facing unexpected and often unimaginable obstacles. Having to wind up a loved one’s estate is one such obstacle many have been confronted with. The process and possible delays associated with the winding up of a loved one’s estate is a challenge we can be better prepared for, […]

What happens to my bank accounts when I die?

The Administration of Estates Act determines that all bank accounts in the name of the deceased should be frozen and closed eventually, therefore it is extremely important that you make provision for your loved ones, so that they will have cash in hand when you pass away. Usually the accounts are frozen immediately after word […]