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How do we make co-parenting easier during divorce? Parenting Plans or Peace Treaties?

This is for the parents having a difficult time sharing their children. Since parenting mostly consists of telling your children “how many more minutes” they have left of any particular activity, you would think that time-management would be second nature to you by now. Unfortunately, just like the rest of parenting – it’s just not […]

Can I find relief while my divorce is still ongoing?

Is your divorce taking a long time to finalise? Do you have no form of income? Fortunately, in these circumstances the law provides the Rule 43 application as a simplified, streamlined, and inexpensive procedure to obtain interim relief as provided by common law in matrimonial litigation. Rule 43 of the High Court and Rule 58 […]


Summary: Your soon to be ex-spouse has moved on and is now happily living with a new partner. They are in a stable, supportive relationship and the new partner doesn’t seem short of cash. Everyone is living happily ever after, so why should you continue paying maintenance to your ex-spouse? The issue as to whether […]