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Dear C&A Friedlander Client,

The Minister of Social Development amended the Directive of 30 March 2020 permitting the movement of children between co-holders of parental responsibilities and rights, during lockdown IF such movement is in terms of an existing Court Order, or in terms of a Parenting Plan duly registered with the office of the Family Advocate.

The Minister, however, makes such movement conditional on further risk factors, and directs that the movement of children in this manner is only allowed if the household that the child is moving to does not have any person residing there, known to have come into contact with, or is reasonably suspected to come into contact with, a person known to have contracted, or reasonably suspected to have contracted COVID-19.

Parents or caregivers transporting children in accordance with this directive must have in his / her possession the original Court Order or Parenting Plan referred to, or a certified copy thereof.

We caution parents and caregivers to obtain legal advice before transferring between provinces and/or towns.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.


Yours Faithfully

Paul Katzeff (Paulk@caf.co.za) and Eunice Pieterse (Eunice@caf.co.za)