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Restraints of trade, what does it mean?

Restraints of trade are used in South Africa by employers in an attempt to protect themselves from erstwhile employees using their insider knowledge to undermine them in the market. Or at least that is what they are supposed to do. These types of agreements or clauses (as they are generally put in employment contracts as […]

Make sure your marriage contract is right for you

If you are planning on getting married, don’t let romance get in the way of ensuring your marriage contract is everything you want it to be. If you don’t draw up an antenuptial contract, then under South African Law your marriage is regarded as being in community of property. This means that both partners hold […]

Gym Contracts and What to Keep an Eye Out For

Our New Year’s resolutions are music to a gym’s ears. In today’s fitness craze, the need for a platform to get involved has increased dramatically and what better place to get that summer body and carry out those ‘get fit and healthy’ resolutions than at a gym. Before getting caught up in the excitement of […]