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Who pays for what?

You have finally found your forever home or perfect investment property, put pen to paper and signed your Offer to Purchase. Over and above the purchase price, the next question for any Purchaser is: “What am I responsible for paying for?” In South Africa, it is the Seller who gets to nominate and appoint the […]

Notarial lease agreements

Lease agreements are contracts entered into between a lessor and a lessee for a specified period of time, allowing a lessee to occupy and enjoy the property for that aforementioned period. Most lease agreements have renewal periods after one year and they do not need to be registered at the Deeds Office. A notarial lease […]

Compliance certificates: How necessary are they when selling a property?

It is common knowledge that purchasers incur a number of expenses when buying a property, however, sellers should be mindful of their legal obligations when selling their properties too. One such obligation is obtaining compliance certificates. In a nutshell, the seller is required, by law, to ensure that certain aspects of the property being sold […]